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Our Mission is to help your body function at its optimal level by way of relieving nerve interference through the use of Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression. Our non surgical, drug free procedures are also pain free and highly successful in relieving neck and low back pain due to facet syndrome, disc bulges or herniations and disc degeneration.
Our goal is to provide our services with only the highest levels of integrity, compassion and safety, and help our patients achieve a higher level of living.  We aim to correct the cause of each patient’s problem without the use of drugs, injections or surgery.


Dr. Aaron Dalton & WifeFremont High sweethearts, Aaron & Danielle, are excited to serve their hometown community!


Dr. Aaron Dalton and his wife, Danielle (Kelsey), are Fremont natives. Together they have 3 children: Michael (2005), Mattie (2006) and Malachi (2009). Dr. Dalton's own childhood spent in the athletic training room is the backbone for his sports affinity and passion toward restoring functional health for suffering people.

"Witnessing my father, Mike Dalton, Ph.D. as the head athletic trainer for the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) was influential. How he communicated with his athletes to understand them before proving care built a sense of trust and respect. I often think of him as I aim to reflect that approach with my own patients." 

The Dalton family relocated from Kearney, NE to Fremont, NE in 1992, when Dr. Dalton was in the 4th grade. At Fremont High, he became a three year letter-winner in football. During kickoff coverage his senior year, a freak accident resulted in a career-ending diagnosis that meant reconstructive knee surgery. Through prayer, determination and gifted health care providers, Dr. Dalton was able to defy the odds and wrestle just months after surgery to repair his torn MCL, PCL and ACL. He earned a 20-0 record his senior season and won the State Wrestling Championship for the Tigers on one healthy leg. The benefit of caring providers working hard to help him realize his athletic dreams also guided him towards his chiropractic career.


"The greatest part of my job is helping people recover and improve their quality of life. I enjoy fixing low back pain in farmers or re-occurring headaches in mothers just as much as I enjoy reducing dislocated shoulders in bull riders."

Dr. Dalton's determination led to a wrestling scholarship at UNK. Off the mat, he majored in molecular biology with minors in chemistry and history while balancing roles as a resident adviser, student government official and UNK President of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

Throughout college, Dr. Dalton experienced chiropractic and developed an appreciation for the chiropractic model; specifically the patient/doctor relationship and the focus on cause as opposed to effect. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2009. Board certified in chiropractic and physical therapy, Dr. Dalton started practice working for Creekwood Chiropractic in Norfolk, NE under the tutelage of renowned Nebraska Chiropractors, Dr. Curt Meyer and Dr. Jim Thor. There, Dr. Dalton was charged with building and caring for patients in two satellite clinics in rural Nebraska. He approaches Chiropractic with a synergistic attitude towards other healthcare disciplines, often combining care with physical therapy experts or collaborating with family and orthopedic practitioners.

"I thoroughly enjoy serving the whole family, from the geriatric to the pediatric."


Finally, Dr. Dalton has been entrusted to care for many different types of athletes, from high school to Olympians, NFL players, MMA athletes and many rodeo cowboys. He works events like the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and 2011 NFL combine as well as YMCA fun runs as they serve to expand his exposure to treating a wider range of injuries.


"In school, we were taught techniques such as how to reduce a shoulder dislocation, but unless you see that in your clinical experience, your experience is minimal. An important part of my ongoing education is to be exposed to all types of injuries in order to better serve all my patients."


Dr. Katie (Olson) Saalfeld

Dr. ADr. Katie (Olson) SaalfeldDr. Katie (Olson) Saalfeld was born and raised in Fremont, Nebraska. Growing up, she participated in a variety of activities including basketball, softball, volleyball, and bowling. Katie fell in love with bowling and was a member of the Fremont bowling club. Dr. Saalfeld was on the team that won state in 2008 and 2009. Her love for bowling continued in college and once Midland University announced they were creating a bowling team, she transferred from the University of Lincoln to become apart of Midland's growing program.

At Midland University, Dr. Saalfeld received a Bachelors of Science degree and majored in Biology. While a sophomore in college, she became passionate about working out and living a healthy lifestyle. She particularly loved weight training and after a training session, she noticed that her low back was starting to bother her. After a few weeks of the pain not subsiding, she decided to give chiropractic care a try. She received great results from her adjustments and loved that chiropractic encompassed fitness, nutrition and over all health. After juggling around a few different health care professions, she knew that becoming a chiropractor was the perfect career choice for her.

Dr. Saalfeld attended the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College where she studied the Palmer Package of adjusting techniques: Gonstead, Thompson Drop, Diversified and Toggle Recoil. She was fortunate to spend her clinical rotation at the Palmer Rehab Clinic where she was introduced to Active Release Technique and Graston Techniques as well as many other useful modalities that allow her a well-rounded approach to addressing her patient’s complaints. Encompassing her world-renowned Palmer Package Techniques as well as her soft tissue modalities and therapies, Dr. Saalfeld is Board Certified in Physiotherapy and graduated from Chiropractic College in the winter of 2017.

Serving my home community is exciting. Helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle through adjustments and exercise recommendations and assisting with any other health concerns a patient may have brings me great joy. - Dr. Saalfeld