Dalton Chiropractic, North Bend

Dalton Chiropractic's second location is now right inside the Main Street Wellness Center building in North Bend! Dr. Dalton took a minute to share a few thoughts about this exciting growth.

What growth have you experienced since first opening your doors in Fremont?

Opening a clinic in my home town has been an exciting adventure for my wife (Danielle) and me. We care a great deal about Fremont and its surrounding communities, and we want to make sure the mission of our practice continually excels.
Throughout our first year in business, the results of outreach and marketing efforts showed. Our patient population doubled in year two and has continued to grow significantly in years three and four! We are pleased to have added Dr. Katie Saalfeld to the Dalton Chiropractic team, and to have worked closely with Mahnke Chiropractic Center, P.A. (a 40+ year practice) since first opening our doors.
Overall, I feel grateful that I get to live my professional dream in the community I grew up in.

Why North Bend for the new Dalton Chiropractic clinic location?

Putting a satellite clinic in North Bend has been on my radar for about four or five years now. I was invited to a Fourth of July outing in North Bend back then, and while driving through the town, I felt it had a lot going for it. At the time, I worked for a different clinic that was looking for the next location to add a clinic. It was a discussion we had but didn't pursue. Once I opened my own clinic, Dalton Chiropractic in Fremont, I started to receive patients from North Bend. The town pride and confidence of North Bend energized me. North Bend has positive things going for it with the school experiencing significant enrollment growth while still maintaining incredible test scores and academic rankings. Along with Fremont, North Bend is the type of community we want to be associated with and serve.

What can people expect in North Bend?

Dalton Chiropractic will be accepting appointments on Tuesdays and Fridays between 8 am and 5 pm in our North Bend location with Dr. Katie Saalfeld.
We are incredibly excited to have Dr. Saalfeld on our team. She is a great compliment to us in chiropractic philosophy while at the same time, she has expended our treatment options. Dr. Saalfeld had a tremendous opportunity working in the re-had department for clinical experience during her studies at the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic. She not only came to us proficient at chiropractic manipulation, but she also brings an expertise in soft tissue treatments and treatment options that we were not previously offering at Dalton Chiropractic.
Dr. Saalfeld is very excited to work in North Bend and we are excited to watch her excel in developing the clinic and relationships in the growing community.

What does "The Dalton Difference" mean to you?

There are only so many techniques and modalities a chiropractor can use. Part of what we do is an art, so each practitioner is unique unto themselves. Still, there are a lot of similarities between practitioners. What makes us different are two things: attention to detail and a relentless competitiveness to help our patient to reach their health goals.
Each patient is unique and has a unique story. We want to know it and know them. Listening to the patient seems overly simplistic, but you would be surprised how many patients we get who are leaving previously established chiropractors because they felt they weren't being helped. Helping patients is what fiercely drives us. We are diverse and proficient in treating techniques and treating modalities. Having a big "tool bag," enables us to fix many different problems a patient may come to us with.
At the same time, we realize that not every condition is a good candidate for chiropractic care. In those cases we are diligent to work with providers in other fields to get the best treatment outcome as possible.

How can one schedule an appointment in North Bend?

We are taking appointments now at 402-652-3767. Our doors open June 2nd (Friday) and we are hosting an open house on June 13th (Tuesday)!