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We've Got Your Back


We've Got Your Back



Experiencing back and neck pain, muscular tension or headaches? Training to obtain peak athletic performance? Looking to boost your overall wellness? We're here to help.

Clinics Conveniently Located in Fremont & North Bend

Serving Arlington, Ashland, Bennington, Blair, Cedar Bluffs, Dodge, Fremont, Hooper, Howells, Kennard, Nickerson, North Bend, Omaha, Scribner, Waterloo, Valley, and Wahoo!

Learn about the Phases of Chiropractic Care and connect with Dr. Dalton for a free consultation. Request appointment online or give us a call!


2127 E. 23 Street

Fremont, NE



714 Main Street

 North Bend, NE




We're committed to providing chiropractic solutions for unique and everyday needs. Our concern is your immediate comfort.

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We're passionate about supporting Olympic level to weekend warrior athletes in their quest for peak performance.

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We're dedicated to helping you achieve a fulfilling lifestyle aligned with your health and wellness goals.

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At your first visit, Dr. Dalton will listen carefully to what brings you in, explain Chiropractic Care and give you a full evaluation to determine if his services fit your needs. Fill out the form to schedule a visit!

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Aaron Dalton has been a pleasure to get to know and is a great chiropractor! Not only did he help with my back pain, but he told me some stretches to do that helped with some other issues I was having. I recommend Dalton Chiropractic to everyone that's looking for a great, affordable chiropractor! 

- Jennifer

Three years ago, my husband Bill was having numbness going down both arms and into his hands. He got an MRI and found out that he had a herniated disk in his neck. Dr. Dalton started doing decompression therapy on him, and within two weeks he was back to normal and hasn't had any trouble since. We would recommend Aaron for all types of Chiropractic needs.

- Ginny

We drive over 45 miles to go to Dr. Dalton. He's fantastic and puts patients first!!

- Chay

A few years back I was suffering from backaches so bad that I could hardly walk! I had gone to a local chiropractor, but could not get a lot of relief from the pain. I had a MRI at the hospital and they told me that I had a herniated disc with a bulging disc above and below the herniated one. I happened to read an article in an area newspaper about Dr. Dalton's adjustments & decompression helping back aches. I figured I had to give it a try. What a wonderful choice this was!! I was able to go back to work without having surgery. I am very impressed with Dr. Dalton & recommend him to everyone!!!!

- Elberta

Love the traction table. It has done wonders for my migraines.

- Tonya

Dr. Dalton has improved my lifestyle. He is fantastic and does put his patients first. Great, caring office staff.

- Raeola

Dalton Chiropractic is really amazing! I've been scared forever to get any adjusting done, but the second I did I wish I would have sooner. Aaron knows pretty much all there is to know about it which made me 100% comfortable and he knows how to relax you so you're not scared. I felt 100 times better from going one time. Thank you soooo much. I would definitely recommend him.

- Kylie

First chiropractic visit ever and virtually pain free! Very informative and I felt at ease the whole time! Thanks, Dr. Dalton!

- Kelley



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